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Jessica Hansen is a nurse and artist based in Dallas, Texas, who moonlights as a social media influencer, children's book writer & illustrator, baker, gardener, and DIY enthusiast.


Jessica started her career as a nurse in 2013 after graduating from Texas Tech's nursing program and quickly after, began creating fun videos on the internet and gained a following of over half a million people. During this time, she left nursing and moved to New York and had the opportunity to work with top brands such as Old Navy, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, American Eagle, and Warner Brothers Studios, creating marketing content for them.


Although Jessica returned to nursing, she never left her creative side behind. She currently also works as an artist, and creates a wide variety of art, specializing in acrylics, oils, digital, and mixed media. While she loves to paint for fun, she mostly works on commissioned paintings from clients in the DFW area. 


Jessica enjoys baking cakes and decorating them with her artistic touch, for her family and friends. She also takes family lifestyle professional photographs.  Jessica loves to tackle challenging projects by watching YouTube tutorials. She's learned how to make everything from quilts to home renovations. In her very spare free time, Jessica also enjoys gardening, growing her own vegetables, and making her own compost. 


Jessica was recently inspired by her niece to write a children's book about patience, which she both authored and illustrated. The book is currently on presale and will go live in March.


All of her endeavors she showcases daily on her social media, sharing all the wins and failures along the way. 

Overall, Jessica is a multi-tasking, and obviously slightly insane individual who loves to explore new avenues in life. Whether it's in nursing, art, baking, gardening, or DIY, she's always looking for ways to learn and grow. 

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