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Meet Leighton, a pint-sized powerhouse with a strong will and a lot of impatience! Leighton has to learn an important life skill the hard way - by waiting. Through daily real-life situations at home that parents can use as reminders during teachable moments, Leighton discovers that some of the best things in life take time, and waiting is simply a fact of life. Patience is a strength that helps kids develop self-control, delay gratification, and face challenges head-on. With colorful and silly illustrations and a fun, rhyming story, this book will keep toddlers entertained while teaching them the importance of patience. By the end of the book, your little ones will be laughing, learning, and ready to tackle any challenge with grace and humor. Join Leighton on her journey of learning the importance of being patient, and discover that sometimes, it really is great to wait!

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My book is a labor of love that I’m very proud of! The concept started as a gift for my niece, but quickly grew into something that people were interested in and next thing you know, the book became a best seller on amazon when it was released! I wrote, illustrated, formatted and published the book by myself, and I made sure that the book was not only fun and toddler approved but filled with depth and meaning. there is also an accompanying coloring book to practice patience. buy the book in the links above, and I’m always happy to chat with anyone who has questions about my creative process or the book itself.

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